Home and Restaurant Furnishings and Equipment

Stainless Steel Chasis

Side Walk Hatches

Our Sidewalk Hatches are built to fit and can be made with steel, aluminum, or stainless steel depending on the appearance you would like

Stainless Steel Chasis

Custom Fire Pits and Outdoor Lawn Furniture

Ironheart Welding can make lawn art, functional art, and other types of yard funishings.

Stainless Steel Chasis

Wine Coolers and Restaurant Center Pieces

This wine cooler is in popular restaurant "Barcelona" in downtown Stamford, C.T.

Stainless Steel Chasis

6" Pipe Horse Paddock

250 Ton Accupress Press Break

Stainless Steel and Wood Railing

Any custom railing fabrication

3D Campfire Pit Model

Wine Chiller

Structural Analysis of Custome Cantalievered Beam

Custom Stools and Benches

Interior of Orbatally Welded Pipe

Ornamental Driveway Markers

Equipment Platform

Ornamnetal Gates and Railings

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