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Bob Kalbfell (Left) with owners of popular resturant Barcelona of Stamford on opening day

Rob Kalbfell

Bob Kalbfell, president and founder of Ironheart Welding, is a master steel worker that has been in the industry for over 30 years. A Cornell University graduate, Bob Kalbfell has chosen Ironheart Welding to fulfill his passion of working with his hands and performing quality jobs for his customers. Bob uses his experience and know-how to get the job done safe, on budget, and on time.

Bobby In Front of Ironheart Welding's 250 Ton Press Break
Bobby Kalbfell standing in front of Ironheart Welding's 250 Accupress Pressbreak

Bobby Kalbfell

Bobby Kalbfell, Bob Kalbfell's son, recently graduated from Manhattan College's School of Engineering with a Bachalors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has taken his FE and is well on his way to getting his PE. He has worked with his father for ten years, and is introducing new, technologically advanced, and engineering based ways of thinking to Ironheart Welding.

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John D. Paccione

John D. Paccione is a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and practices in the areas of fluid-particle systems, multiphase flow and reaction modeling of water disinfection systems. Dr. Paccione has applied fluid-particle technology to the blending of difficult-to-blend materials, coating of aerogel beads and design/construction of pneumatic feeding systems. Dr. Paccione has several patents and is published in engineering journals.

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